• How do I join Pivotal?

    Simply sign up via the Pivotal website and our experts will follow-up. We will tell you more about the service and check that Pivotal meets your requirements. We will then walk you through vehicle availability, next steps and when you can expect your fresh car.

  • What’s included in a Pivotal subscription?

    Your monthly subscription includes access to our fleet of fully maintained and taxed vehicles, with all the protection you require, including manufacturer warranty alongside Jaguar or Land Rover Roadside Assistance.

    For customers on our insurance package, Pivotal provides fully comprehensive insurance covering you and one additional named driver for personal use and foreign travel within Europe.

    The mileage allowance is 1,500 miles/month. Mileage can roll on to the next month, but average monthly mileage will be calculated at each vehicle change.

    You are also eligible for a fresh car every 6 months, depending on your preferences and vehicle availability. All our vehicles are of a premium specification and no more than 12 months old at the time of delivery.

  • How do I update or change my subscription tier?

    Pivotal is designed to make driving flexible and freeing - it literally puts you in the driving seat.


    After an initial 3-month commitment* and depending on vehicle availability, you can change tiers, swap your vehicle within a tier, or pause whenever suits. You are free to switch to a fresh vehicle at no extra cost after 6 months. However, if you would like to switch earlier, there will be a standard update charge. See our charges schedule here:


    * The 3-month minimum commitment applies to each vehicle change.

  • How long will it take from enquiry to delivery?

    Based on availability, our Pivotal experts will confirm delivery timelines for each model individually.

  • What should I expect during a vehicle delivery?

    Our driver will deliver your vehicle to your address during our business hours and complete a full handover. To help you get the best from your fresh car, they will run through the operation of the vehicle and answer any questions that you may have.


    If you also have a vehicle being collected, please read the FAQ ‘What happens when my vehicle is collected?’

  • How do I pause my Pivotal subscription?

    The minimum contract period is 3 months, however there is a cooling-off period of 14 days after the delivery of your first vehicle. After this time, you can pause your subscription at any time by giving us 14 days’ notice.


    If you wish to pause your subscription, then please contact us via or +44(0) 20 3950 4833. We will collect a full month’s subscription then refund you based on the pro-rated amount within 30 days, minus any additional as per our charges schedule:

  • What should I expect when my vehicle is collected?

    If your vehicle is being collected e.g., for an update or pause, it must be returned exactly as it was delivered otherwise charges may apply subject to our charges and the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear policy.


    To collect your vehicle, our driver must complete a full inspection. Therefore, we require the vehicle to have been thoroughly cleaned inside and out so that any damage can be identified during this inspection. You are responsible for organising this clean.


    The following checks will be performed:


    - Interior and exterior damage

    - Mileage

    - Fuel/charge level (must be at 1/4 minimum)

    - Missing equipment.



    You will also be liable for any costs associated with personal belongings left in the vehicle which need to be returned or disposed of, as per our charges schedule:


    If fuel is required, the vehicle will be taken to the closest fuel station to refill. After the inspection, if any additional charges are due, we will notify you within 28 days in accordance with the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear policy.

  • What is involved in the membership approval process and what are the eligibility requirements?

    There are three stages to our eligibility checks:


    - Identity verification via HooYu - aims to highlight any county court judgements, watchlist flags or previous bankruptcy.

    - Affordability assessment via open banking on the main account holder (individual or business). This looks at areas including disposable income, account balance and FHI score. We also check for excessive gambling, current loans payment history.

    - Driving history check – it is important that our members meet our strict requirements when it comes to their driving history. We can only accept those who have fewer than 6 points and at least two years’ no claims proof.


    In order to pass these checks, you must:


    - Be 28 years of age or older

    - Have proof of no insurance claims for a minimum of two (2) years

    - Have no previous motor insurance cancelled or declined

    - Have held a full driving licence for at least two (2) years

    - Have no more than 6 points arising out of minor convictions on your driving licence

    - Have no major convictions endorsed on your driving licence nor any unspent motoring convictions

    - Have no County Court Judgements (CCJs)

    - Meet our disposable income and balance history requirements i.e., disposable income two times the cost of your chosen tier.


    We reserve the right to refuse anyone access to join the subscription service who does not meet our eligibility, suitability, or affordability criteria.

  • Which areas of the UK are covered by Pivotal?

    Pivotal is currently serving customers on mainland Britain, but a delivery charge may apply for certain areas. We are always working to expand our coverage, so please do get in touch if you would be interested in having Pivotal in your area.

  • What are your business hours?

    Pivotal’s business hours of operation are 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday.


    New customer deliveries are made each week from Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, for breakdowns or accidents we recommend holding the b-Call button in your car’s headliner for 2 seconds. Or important phone numbers can be found here for Jaguar and here for Land Rover.


  • Do your prices include VAT?

    Yes, all the prices shown on our website are inclusive of VAT.

  • Can I expect any other charges?

    Other than the joining fee and monthly subscription, you may also be liable for other charges and fees based on your usage of the vehicle or service. Please see our charges schedule for details:

  • What are the additional fees for excess mileage?

    Your subscription includes a mileage limit of 1,500 miles/month. Excess mileage fees are charged at the point of vehicle collection if incurred and detailed in our charges schedule:

    Also, mileage is cumulative so unused mileage from the first month can be carried on into the next etc. within a given subscription period.

  • What about the Congestion Charge?

    You are responsible for paying the Congestion Charge. The easiest and cheapest way to pay is by setting up Auto Pay.

    If you are driving an EV on subscription, then we are happy to make the application for you at your request and would cover the cost of the application.

  • What happens if I'm issued a penalty charge notice (PCN)?

    When you are issued with a PCN or parking ticket, Pivotal will receive notification from the issuer. We will then:


    1) Automatically pay the PCN on your behalf at the lowest possible rate

    2)Reach out and let you know we have received and paid a PCN in relation to your Pivotal vehicle

    3)Send you the relevant documentation, including details of the issuer’s appeals process

    4)Add the fine to your next invoice (refundable if appeal is successful), plus a non-refundable admin fee as per our charges schedule:

    If you would like to challenge the PCN, you can choose to do so directly with the issuer. If your challenge is successful, send evidence of this to Pivotal (in the form of a headed letter from the issuer) and we will refund the fine amount directly to you.

  • When will my subscription payments be taken?

    Your first month's subscription payment must be paid two working days before the day of your vehicle delivery. Subsequent monthly subscriptions are then taken on the day of delivery each month.


    E.g., You join Pivotal on 2nd May. Your car is delivered on the 16th of May. Your first subscription payment is due on the 14th of May then each subsequent monthly subscription payment will be due on the 16th of each future month.


    If you need advice dealing with payments, please read our Free Independent Help & Advice sheet.


  • Can I configure my own vehicle?

    We do not currently offer this option, but all our vehicles come with a guaranteed level of premium specification and are all under 12 months old.

  • Do I have to update to a new vehicle?

    No, the choice is yours. You don’t have to update every 6 months and can stay in your vehicle if you are enjoying it. However, we reserve the right to collect the vehicle for a health check or to de-fleet it for any reason. Our experts will always keep you informed in these circumstances.

  • Do you offer PHEVs?

    Yes! We aim to supply plug-in options for most of our models, but these are subject to availability so please always get in touch for more details.

  • Do you provide any accessories, or can I use my own?

    Pivotal does not provide any accessories. Internal accessories such as car seats will have to be sourced personally.


    If you would like to add external accessories like bike racks and tow bars, please speak to the Pivotal team who will advise on what we do/do not accept. The use of accessories without explicit permission may result in extra charges being applied.


    Any accessories installed to the infrastructure of the vehicle, that are not a standard feature, are not allowed on this service.

  • Is Roadside Assistance included?

    Yes, Pivotal subscriptions include Jaguar or Land Rover Roadside Assistance, which also provide coverage for EU travel. The easiest way to contact Roadside Assistance is via the b-Call button in your car’s headliner. This requires connecting your phone to the car. Alternatively, important phone numbers can be found here for Jaguar and here for Land Rover.

  • What happens if I lose my key? Can I have a spare?

    For insurance and recoverability reasons, we only provide customers with one key per vehicle.


    In the event of your key being lost, Pivotal will collect your vehicle and provide you with a temporary vehicle. Your vehicle will be returned to us, where a new key module will be fitted, and two new keys programmed. On completion of this process, your vehicle will be returned to you, again only with one key and the spare being securely held by us.


    We do this to ensure the highest possible level of safety and security. As of 1st March 2022, Pivotal’s insurance policy offers lost key cover with zero excess.

  • Can I use my Pivotal vehicle for towing?

    Trailers are covered by our fully comprehensive insurance provided they are being towed in accordance with the law and your vehicle’s specification and towing capacity (which can be found in the manual/iGuide). Our insurance does not cover towing another vehicle for reward and does not cover any loss or damage to property being carried in - or on - a trailer.

  • What is the minimum term length?

    The minimum term length is 3 months. This applies to each vehicle delivery, including vehicle exchange/update deliveries.


    If you wish to pause your subscription before then, you will be charged for the full 3 months. We require 14 days' notice for an early subscription pause or cancellation to be able to organise the collection of the vehicle.


  • What does Pivotal’s inclusive insurance cover?

    Pivotal provides fully comprehensive insurance for the main driver and one additional named driver. For more information, please contact the Pivotal team on who will be able to provide full policy details.

  • Am I covered for overseas travel?

    You are covered for travel within the EU only. If you do plan on travelling within the EU, we request that you notify us as soon as possible, and no later than 21 days before your planned departure so that we can organise the appropriate documentation for your travels.


    You will also be required to return to the UK no later than 14 days before any scheduled vehicle collection or exchange dates as detailed in your order confirmation.

  • Can I get a copy of my insurance policy?

    Of course. If you are insured using Pivotal’s insurance package, we send our policy to you during the sign-up process. However, if you can’t find it, feel free to get in touch via and we will send a copy. You will also need a copy of the insurance certificate if you intend to travel outside of the UK.

  • Can I opt-out and use my own insurance?

    You cannot opt out of our insurance. However, if you do not meet our eligibility requirements (e.g., based on driving history) then you have the option to take out your own insurance to allow you to use the Pivotal service. Please speak to a Pivotal expert to learn more.

  • Can I protect my no claims bonus?

    Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. However, we will always be happy to provide a company footed reference to confirm whether any claims occurred while you were a Pivotal member and responsible for our vehicle.




When you start your Pivotal subscription, you will be asked to accept their legal terms and policies.


See how Pivotal uses personal data received from your subscription and how your data protection rights will be protected.


If you would like to speak to a member of the Pivotal team directly, please contact them via one of the following options:


Phone: +44 (0) 203 950 4833