Jaguar Land Rover has established a comprehensive plan to meet End of Life Vehicle (ELV) legislation within the European Union.

The ELV directive requires motor vehicle manufacturers and importers to take back all on-sale vehicles and vehicle batteries (regardless of the date of a vehicle´s first registration) at the end of their life, ensuring that they are treated in an environmentally responsible manner. 

All battery producers in the UK are Government registered as part of an initiative to increase battery collection/recycling, and to prevent the landfill/incineration of all battery types.

Jaguar Land Rover is registered as a Producer of Batteries under Registration Number BPRN00706.

The end of life vehicle regulations: 

  • Takeback is free of charge to the last registered owner and applies to all passenger vehicles with up to nine seats and up to a permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes.
  • The owner will be required to prove that they have the right to dispose of the vehicle before a certificate of destruction is issued.

Vehicle return conditions:

The vehicle must be:

  • Fully complete containing the essential components of the vehicle including engine, transmission, coachwork, wheels and catalyst (where fitted).
  • Please note: batteries that fail during the vehicle warranty period must be processed using the normal warranty return process operated by Land Rover retailers.
  • Free from additional waste (such as garden/household waste, additional tyres etc).
  • Delivered to a manufacturer's appointed free takeback facility.

For a full list of appointed ´takeback´ facilities*, please contact your retailer.

To return an automotive starter battery:

When the primary automotive starter battery in your vehicle reaches the end of its life, it can either be returned to your Jaguar Land Rover retailer when a new battery is purchased or installed, or delivered to one of the following facilities for recycling:

  • Civic Amenity and Recycling Centres
  • Local Authority Battery Collection Schemes
  • Licensed End of Life Vehicle Authorised Treatment Facilities
  • Licensed Metal Recycling Sites

*All the contracted sites are fully licensed by the Environment Agency as authorised treatment facilities. They also meet additional Land Rover professional quality standards for the receipt, treatment and recovery of end of life vehicles and have been appointed with immediate effect.

To return an electric vehicle battery:

The collection and recycling of electric powered or hybrid vehicle batteries is being undertaken by End of Life Vehicle service provider CarTakeBack. If you have such a battery and need advice on disposal please contact them here.

Batteries that fail during the warranty period must be processed using the normal warranty return process operated by Jaguar Land Rover dealers.

Note that it has been illegal to landfill or incinerate waste industrial or automotive batteries since 1st January 2010.