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Land Rover has partnered with Meridian, a world leader in high-performance audio technologies and digital sound processing, to develop advanced sound systems for Range Rover Evoque. The optional 825W Meridian Surround Sound System includes 16 speakers and a dual channel subwoofer, delivering crystal clear highs and rich, deep bass notes throughout the cabin. You hear your music just how you want to.


InControl is our suite of advanced technologies that maintains your digital connections and links you seamlessly and securely to your vehicle when you’re elsewhere. These systems are enhanced by their respective connectivity packages: Connect and Connect Pro.


The Dual View system allows the driver and passenger to view completely independent content on the 10" Touchscreen. For example, the driver can use the Satellite Navigation system while the front seat passenger is able to watch a DVD or TV1. One set of WhiteFire® digital wireless headphones is included.


These packs take your vehicle’s connectivity further. InControl Apps enhance your in-car experience via compatible smartphone apps including the new Spotify app bringing over 30 million songs into your life. The Touchscreen allows you to monitor and interact with your Range Rover Evoque. And with the 4G Wi‑Fi Hotspot and Pro Services functions you can stay connected to the outside world, making your life easier.


Your smartphone acts as a portal to connect with your Land Rover using Protect. You can check your fuel levels remotely, find your vehicle in a busy car park, record your journeys or even check you haven’t left a window open. Optimised Land Rover Assistance is also included which, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, can transmit diagnostic and location information to your recovery company. In serious incidents, SOS Emergency Call notifies the emergency services of your location.


Available as part of the Connect Pro Pack, Pro Services further enhances the infotainment capabilities to deliver an even richer and more connected experience. The system consists of a Wi-Fi hotspot and data connection, enabling real time traffic updates, street level imagery and online searches, further adding to the performance of the Touch Pro system.


Stay connected while on the move. Evoque comes equipped with a SIM Card and data plan when specified with the Connect Pack or Pro Services. If the Connect Pack is chosen, your vehicle will have a trial data plan of 1GB of data per month for three months, powering your vehicle's Wi-Fi hotspot to which you can connect up to 8 devices (subscriptions available thereafter). When specified with Pro Services your vehicle will be equipped with an Essential data plan of 500MB of data per month for the initial warranty period. You'll be better connected, receiving live traffic updates and more. Additional data can be purchased.

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. Contact your local Jaguar Land Rover retailer for more information.




The advanced Ingenium engine range consists of the 150hp and 180hp diesel and the 240hp petrol. Depending on powertrain, a choice of 6-speed Manual and 9-speed Automatic Transmissions are available.


Constructed from aluminium and lightweight steel, the suspension struts advanced hydraulic rebound technology reduces noise entering the cabin after impact. The system also ensures undulating surfaces are almost smoothed out for a more stable ride.



Adaptive Dynamics provides the optimum balance of ride and control. This optional system monitors the vehicle’s movements at least 1,000 times a second and adjusting the damper settings between soft and firm as your inputs or the road dictate. This happens virtually instantaneously to minimise body roll, deliver greater control and ensure a composed, flat ride. It even senses off-road conditions and optimises damping accordingly.


This system enhances the vehicle’s agility and stability when cornering. It constantly monitors and balances the distribution of torque between all wheels to improve grip and steering whether on or off-road. The system can also increase the rate of turn and reduce understeer by applying the brake on the inside rear wheel, forcing more torque to the outer wheel, thereby aiding stability. Torque Vectoring by Braking is standard on 4WD models.


The lightweight, compact 9‑speed Automatic Transmission provides optimum fuel economy and CO2 emissions, as well as greater control in low‑grip conditions. Or, when towing, through the specially designed ultra‑low first gear. The transmission is extremely robust and perfectly complements the vehicle’s all‑terrain capabilities while delivering exemplary levels of refinement and efficiency.



Standard on all engines (except eD4), 4 Wheel Drive is intrinsic in Range Rover Evoque. With its isolated front and rear sub frames, a stiff monocoque bodyshell and such technologies as the intelligent 4WD system, you can go off-road with greater confidence.


Functioning at very low speeds, between 1mph to 18mph, optional All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) helps the driver maintain a steady speed in challenging conditions so you can concentrate on steering and finding your way through obstacles. It also allows you to pull away smoothly and evenly, even on low-friction surfaces such as ice, snow or wet grass.


Terrain Response takes capability to new heights. It optimises the vehicle’s engine, transmission, differentials and chassis systems to maximise driveability, comfort and traction no matter what the terrain. Just select the mode that suits the conditions: General Driving, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud & Ruts and Sand. The vehicle always delivers a confident, assured drive.


Land Rover’s patented Hill Descent Control (HDC) is a standard feature on all 4WD vehicles. It assists the driver with controlled descents of difficult slopes by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking separately to each wheel. The system works automatically to slow the vehicle and maintain the speed relative to the selected gear range and accelerator pedal position.


Feel safer crossing a stream, a ford or negotiating floodwater. Wade Sensing measures the water depth using sensors on the underside of the door mirrors and provides real-time information in relation to the vehicle. This data and the maximum wading capability are relayed via the Touchscreen, providing you with the correct knowledge to behave appropriately.2


Similar to Hill Start Assist, this system helps prevent the vehicle accelerating too quickly as it goes down a hill. If the vehicle stops and starts on an incline, the system holds the brake before gradually disengaging as you pull away.



Our optional Park Assist system makes parallel and perpendicular parking straightforward by steering your vehicle into a suitable space. Simply select the appropriate gear and control your speed with the brake and accelerator pedals. This system will also guide you out of a space, making manoeuvres easier. Graphics and notifications aid your progress.


For a near 360° view, the optional Surround Camera System uses cameras placed around the vehicle. It aids parking and is perfect for more complex driving assignments such as towing a speedboat or a horsebox. Along with the ability to display several different views at the same time, this technology can also zoom and pan, ensuring objects and angles, normally below the line of sight, can be seen.


Blind Spot Monitor is an optional feature which alerts you to approaching, your blind spot through a small warning light in the corresponding door mirror. Reverse Traffic Detection warns you of hazards approaching from either side of your vehicle, through both audible and visual warnings so you know what’s behind you even when the view is obstructed.


Lane Keep Assist is an optional feature which detects when your vehicle is unintentionally drifting out of your lane, and gently steers you back. Driver Condition Monitor detects if you’re starting to feel drowsy and gives you an early warning when you need to take a break.


When you’re cruising on the motorway or travelling in slow-moving traffic, this optional system will help keep your vehicle a safe distance from the one in front should it slow or stop. When the vehicle speeds up again, so does your Range Rover Evoque.


Traffic Sign Recognition keeps you fully informed by displaying particular traffic signs in the instrument cluster where they can easily be seen, and as part of Head-up Display when fitted. The optional system detects speed limit signs (including variable overhead speed signs) and traffic signs with extra information, such as reduced speeds for wet roads.



Powered gesture tailgate3 allows you to operate the tailgate (both to open and close) from outside the vehicle without needing to physically touch the vehicle or the smart key. When the smart key is detected, the feature can be operated by a kicking gesture underneath the vehicle using sensors located on either side of the tailgate.


Streamline your life with the optional HomeLink® system. This universal transmitter can be programmed to operate three home or office wireless controlled systems such as garage doors, gates or lighting. Lost remotes are no longer an issue.


This feature allows you to vary the colour and shade of the vehicle’s interior lighting so you can change the ambience to suit your mood. There are ten colours in total ranging from Ice White through to Racing Red. This feature is standard on HSE Dynamic models and up.


This system features an air sensor that monitors humidity, smog levels and extremes in weather; vents positioned throughout the vehicle enable you to adapt the interior temperature accordingly. Wherever your passengers sit, they can always feel comfortable.

1Only available when optional Digital TV is specified
2Optional feature, only available with surround camera system.
3Optional feature, only available with Keyless Entry.
Meridian is a registered trademark of Meridian Audio Ltd.
WhiteFire® is a registered trademark of Unwired Technology LLC and any use of such marks by Land Rover is under licence.
Not all technologies and features are available for each vehicle or in every market. Certain features are optional and each vehicle specification varies depending on model selected. Please contact your nearest Land Rover Retailer for more information.
As we roll out InControl, specific features described may be optional and market or powertrain dependent. Please consult your local Land Rover Retailer for availability and full terms in your country. Certain features require an appropriate SIM with a suitable data contract, which will require a further subscription after the initial term advised by your retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.


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The figures provided are as a result of official manufacturer's tests in accordance with EU legislation. A vehicle's actual fuel consumption may differ from that achieved in such tests and these figures are for comparative purposes only.

The figures provided are NEDCeq calculated from official manufacturer’s WLTP tests in accordance with EU legislation. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ. CO2 and fuel economy figures may vary according to wheel fitment and optional extras fitted. NEDCeq are figures calculated using a Government formula from WLTP figures equivalent to what they would have been under the old NEDC test. The correct tax treatment can then be applied.

The figures provided are WLTP. WLTP is the new official EU test used to calculate standardised fuel consumption and CO2 figures for passenger cars. It measures fuel, energy consumption, range and emissions. This is designed to provide figures closer to real-world driving behaviour. It tests vehicles with optional equipment and with a more demanding test procedure and driving profile.

TEL (Test Energy Low) and TEH (Test Energy High) figures are shown as a range under WLTP testing measures. TEL refers to the lowest/most economical figures (with the lightest set of options). TEH refers to the highest/least economical figures (with the heaviest set of options). WLTP legislation dictates that where there is <5g CO2 variance between TEL and TEH, only the TEH is declared.