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  • SIM & DATA
    SIM & DATA
    • Do I need a SIM card to connect my vehicle to the Internet?
      Yes, a Micro SIM card with mobile data enabled is required to power the Connect Pro package. Insert your SIM card into the interface panel in the centre console storage compartment, and make sure you’ve enabled Mobile Data in the connectivity settings menu.

      Go to the settings icon in any screen > All settings > Features > Connectivity > Mobile data on

      You can also share your smartphone’s data connection by enabling the phone’s Internet Sharing, Personal Hotspot or Tethering feature. Please check with your mobile network provider to verify this feature is supported by your current phone tariff.
    • What type of SIM do I need to provide?
      You need a "Data only SIM card". Sometimes these are called "Internet only SIM" or "Mobile broadband SIM". This will be a different SIM card to that fitted in your mobile phone. For Touch 17MY, the required SIM card is a 2FF standard SIM card, while for Touch Pro and Touch 18MY a 3FF micro SIM card is needed.
    • Does my SIM need to provide a data plan?
      Yes, your SIM should have a data allowance for your Wi-Fi Hotspot to work. Voice only SIMs (as used on some mobile phones) cannot deliver data.
    • Does Jaguar Land Rover have a preferred SIM provider?
      At present Jaguar Land Rover does not have a preferred data plan provider. You can obtain a “Data only SIM card” from a variety of sources. Data SIMs and plans are available from all major mobile service providers.
    • Can I use the data from the mobile phone plan that I already have?
      This depends on the mobile service provider and type of plan you have. Some providers offer "shared plans" where you can get an additional SIM for your Wi-Fi Hotspot and attach it to your shared plan. This means that your Wi-Fi Hotspot and your mobile phone consume the data from the shared allowance and you will get 1 bill.

      EE, for example, offers a shared data plan as listed below:

    • How much data should I budget for on a monthly basis?
      It will vary significantly based on the features you use, the frequency of use and the length of your journeys. As a very rough guide, typical usage consumes in the region of 100-500 MB of data per month.

      These features use the greatest amount of data in the following order:

      1. Wi-Fi Hotspot

      2. Satellite Imagery

      3. Street Level Imagery*

      4. Real Time Traffic Information

      5. Live Apps*

      All other features consume far fewer data of approximately the same amount. Further examples are provided below:


      All other features consume far less data of approximately the same amount. Further examples are provided below:


      Per Minute or per event Per Hour
      Streaming music 500KB/minute 30MB/hour
      1 social media post with photo 500KB
      Streaming video (standard resolution) 4MB/minute 240MB
      Streaming video (HD resolution) 15MB/minute 900MB
      1 Email (no attachment) 35KB
      1 Email with attachment 300KB
      1 hour surfing the web 15MB

      MB= Mega Bytes

      KB= Kilo Bytes

      *where supported

    • Can I monitor or limit data usage?
      Yes, you can limit data usage to a specific number of megabytes per month, monitor the amount of data consumed, and disable roaming. Go to Settings > All settings > Features > Connectivity > Mobile settings
    • Are there settings to help me manage data roaming when driving outside of my home country?
      Yes, go to Settings > All settings > Features > Connectivity > Mobile settings

      You can also enable specific roaming navigation features in the Navigation Settings menu.
    • Why doesn't the vehicle remember my Bluetooth phone and pair with it automatically?
      This is most likely due to the auto-connect function for that device being disabled in your Bluetooth settings.
    • How many Bluetooth devices can be connected or paired?
      Up to 10 Bluetooth devices can be paired. One phone and one media playback device can be connected at the same time. If, however, your phone is connected as a phone and media playback device, a second device cannot be used simultaneously. The first device paired to Touch Pro will be designated your primary device, unless you change the settings.

      Go to Settings > All settings > Features > Bluetooth > Paired devices > and click on the device you wish to change.
    • Can my downloaded contacts or photos be viewed by anyone with access to the vehicle?
      No, your synced contacts will only be visible when your phone is connected to the vehicle.
    • How do I search for contacts from my phone contacts list?
      In the main phone screen select ‘Contacts’. Tap the search box at the top of the contacts screen to access the keyboard and start searching for your desired contact. As you type, the results list automatically updates. Click on the ‘x matches’ box to view options. To allow the largest number of contacts visible at one time the search box scrolls with the list allowing 5 instead of 4 items to be shown.

      Alternatively, press the voice recognition button on the steering wheel and use a voice command to dial a number. For example:

      ‘Call David Smith’

      ‘Call David Smith Mobile’

      ‘Dial 01234987654’
    • Why is the phone icon still visible when I'm in the phone screen?
      If you’ve paired more than one phone to Touch Pro – tapping this icon enables you to switch to another device for placing/receiving calls.



Our dedicated InControl team will be happy to answer any questions you have about your vehicle’s infotainment system.

InControl features, options and their availability remain market dependent - check with your Retailer for local market availability and full terms. Certain features require an appropriate sim with a suitable data contract which will require further subscription after the initial term advised by your Retailer. Mobile connectivity cannot be guaranteed in all locations.