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These Terms and Conditions apply to Outspiration Hunt Prize Draw (the "Prize Draw").


1. By entering this Prize Draw you confirm your acceptance and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

2. The Prize Draw is promoted and managed by Jaguar Land Rover Limited; a company registered in England and Wales; company number 1672070; Registered Office Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry, CV3 4LF, England (“JLR”). The Prize Draw is managed and administered on behalf of JLR by Spark44 Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, company number 07535381, registered office at the White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard, London, England (“Spark44”) (JLR and Spark44 are together the "Promoters").

3. These Terms and Conditions apply so far as the law permits so please read them carefully before entering.

4. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. The parties irrevocably agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to deal with any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and the Prize Draw.

5. The Prize Draw is free to enter (no purchase necessary).

6. This Prize Draw is open to all residents of United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man (excluding Northern Ireland). Entrants must be aged 18 and over. Please note that if any Winner is under the age of 25 years, their nominated guest/driver must be 25 or older. Proof of age will be required from all Prize Draw Winners and/or their nominated driver (as the case may be).

7. No employees, agents or suppliers of the Promoters, their retailer networks and associated companies or their Family Members will be eligible to take part in the Prize Draw. For the avoidance of doubt, (“Family Members”) means the parents, children, siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, grandchildren of an employee, agent or supplier of the Promoters, their retailer networks and associated companies.

8. In entering the Prize Draw, you confirm that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim any prize you may win. It will be the Promoters’ sole discretion as to whether any eligibility requirement has or has not been met and either Promoter may require evidence or confirmation from entrants before awarding Prizes.

9. The Prize Draw is open from 9:00am on 29th May 2021 and closes at 23:59 on 6th June 2021 (the “Closing Date”) inclusive. Entries submitted after the Closing Date are automatically disqualified and will not be counted in the Prize Draw.

10. Entrants may submit up to one valid entry per location (further details on this below). Any additional entries made at the same location will not be included in the Prize Draw and will not be counted or be eligible to win.

11. Entrants must have either a Google, Facebook or Spotify account to gain access to the digital platform (outspirationhunt.com) to participate in the Prize Draw. Entrants will require a portable device with internet access and a camera (such as a mobile phone) to find the designated locations. None of these will be provided by either Promoter. Entrants do not need to have, or create an account on the digital platform, outspirationhunt.com.

12. The Promoters reserve the right to disqualify any entry which does not comply with these Terms and Conditions or if an entrant’s conduct is contrary to the spirt or intention of the Prize Draw.

13. Entrants are to ensure they abide by local and national COVID-19 regulations, including social distancing.

14. Entrants are to ensure that when they attend locations that they, and anyone accompanying the entrant, are physically able to participate and have the capabilities and equipment to tackle potentially difficult terrain and weather conditions which may be challenging to the average person.

15. Some sites prohibit pets from entering the designated locations. The entrant must take steps to confirm that any sites they intend to visit with a pet(s) allow for pets to attend the designated locations. The Promoters will not be responsible for notifying entrants about which locations allow pets to enter.

16. Entrants may be required to pay entry fees to enter particular locations. Entrants, however, may be able to enter the Prize Draw without paying any entry fees via both methods by reaching the Radius Circle, and still complying with the remaining requirements of Method One and Method Two (defined below). The exact location of the radius will vary at different locations.

17. The radius circle is a digital circle around each location which marks the point to when an entrant has reached the location (“Radius Circle”). Entrants will need to enter the Radius Circle and scan the location with their portable device and find the location pin.

METHOD ONE (“Method One”)

18. There are 202 possible locations within the United Kingdom including the Channel Islands and Isle of Man (excluding Northern Ireland) which can be used to enter the Prize Draw. Details of the locations can be found at outspirationhunt.com.

19. At any one of the possible locations, entrants will be required to enable their location services on their portable device and go to outspirationhunt.com via their Google, Facebook or Spotify account. Entrants will need to ensure they comply with their mobile data tariffs/contracts. The Promoters are not responsible for the entrant’s data usage at any time during the Prize Draw and hold no responsibility for any costs on data usage caused by an entrant exceeding their data tariffs/contracts.

20. Entrants will then be required to verify their contact details before entering into the Prize Draw.

21. To enter the Prize Draw, the entrant will be presented with an augmented reality experience, they will need to hold their device up and scan the location within the Radius Circle to find the location pin. Once the entrant has found the location pin, the entrant will need to tap the pin in order to enter the Prize Draw.

METHOD TWO (“Method Two”)

22. Method Two is an alternative method to Method One to enter the Prize Draw. The entrant will be required to complete a Microsoft form and required to include the following information in the form:

22.1. Entrant’s full name;

22.2. Entrant’s email address;

22.3. Entrant will need to provide the name of the location they have visited;

22.4. Provide one photo of the location; and

22.5. The entrant will then be informed via the entry form their entry has been successfully submitted.

23. Both Method One and Method Two can be repeated at each of the 202 locations by the entrant.

24. By submitting the photo mentioned in clause 22.4 above, the entrant confirms that they are the owner of the photo and so has the authority to submit it into the Prize Draw. The photo will only be used for the purpose of the Prize Draw to verify the entrant has been at the location.

25. Only entries that have been answered, completed and submitted correctly will be considered as a valid entry into the Prize Draw.

26. If, for any reason, a technical interruption equipment failure, telephone failure, network, server, or site failure or postal failure occurs and the Prize Draw is not capable of running as planned or entries are not received or validly submitted or the Prizes are disrupted, the Promoters reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Prize Draw if necessary.

27. The Promoters do not take any responsibility for incomplete entries or entries that are lost, mislaid, damaged or delayed in transit (regardless of cause) and any such entries will not be considered valid.

28. The Promoters reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Prize Draw if necessary.

29. In the event the Prize Draw is cancelled prior to the Closing Date due to COVID 19 government regulations either, local or national, the Promoters reserve the right to postpone or terminate the Prize Draw.

30. There will be three Prize categories awarded to a total of 61 Winners (further breakdown of how many Winners in each category are below).

31. Winners from all three prize categories (the First Place Prize, the Second Place Prizes and the Third Place Prizes) will be chosen from all successful entries by a random number generator on 11th June 2021 at or around 18:00 (BST) (each being a “Winner” and together the “Winners”).

32. The Winners will be generated by the random number generator and the results will be final.

33. There is only one prize available for the first place winner, to be selected first out of all the eligible entries (the “First Place Winner”). The First Place Winner will win the First Place Prize.

33.1. The first place prize includes an adventure week in Scotland up to the value of £4,000. This sum of £4,000 includes accommodation, breakfast and experiences only. The First Place Prize also includes the hire of a vehicle (the “First Place Prize”).

33.1.1. The First Place Winner is able to bring one nominated guest along on the First Place Prize. The minimum age of the nominated guest should be 18 or over. Either the nominated guest or the First place Winner should be aged between 25 and 70 years old and able to drive the vehicle.

33.1.2. Hotels and experiences will be booked and managed by Quintessentially Travel Limited. Quintessentially Travel Limited are a private limited whose registered office is located at 29 Portland Place, London, Greater London, W1B 1QB. Company number (06648649).

33.1.3. The First Place Winner (and their nominated guest) will be provided with accommodation for six days, five nights. Please note that hotels may be subject to change and availability and JLR and Quintessentially Travel Limited reserve the right to change accommodation without notice.

33.1.4. The First Place Winner and nominated guest will be provided with experiences to be conducted at different locations within Scotland. The number of experiences will be subject to availability also the capabilities of the First Place Winner and nominated guest.

33.2. The possible experiences are as follows:

33.2.1. Explore the Summer Isles and hike to the summit of Stac Pollaidh;

33.2.2. Visit the Duncansby Head;

33.2.3. Enjoy a visit to Dunrobin Castle;

33.2.4. A visit to the breath-taking botanical gardens of Inverewe;

33.2.5. Enjoy a boat trip from Gairloch with the chance to spot dolphins;

33.2.6. Embrace Scottish traditions and local culture such as falconry displays and visits to majestic castles;

33.2.7. Visit the Queen Mother’s holiday home, the Castle and Gardens of Mey, the most northerly inhabited castle in Scotland;

33.2.8. Explore Rogie Falls enroute to Wester Ross;

33.2.9. A whole host of country pursuits, such as Clay Pigeon Shooting or Simulated Deer Stalking;

33.2.10. Discover striking coastal scenery along the way. Highlights include Durness Beach, Smoo Caves and RSPB Dunnet Head; and

33.2.11. Outdoor adventures abound, from Gorge Scrambling in Wester Ross, to canoeing on Loch Maree and surf lessons on Thurso East.

31.3 The First Place Winner will be provided a Land Rover vehicle to be used for travelling to and from the hotels and experiences. The Winner will not own the vehicle or have any rights over ownership to the vehicle. The Land Rover vehicle will be delivered, and picked up from the First Place Winner’s address. For further details on use of the vehicle, please see clause 35 to 37 below.

31.4 The vehicle provided will be booked and managed by THE OUT In Motion Ventures 2 Limited, trading as THE OUT (“THE OUT”). THE OUT are a private limited company registered in England under company number (10444740) and whose registered office is Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry, CV3 4LF.

31.5 The First Place Winner will be provided with a pre-paid card in the sum of £250 for the sole purpose of refuelling or recharging the vehicle.

31.6 The First Place Winner will have use of the vehicle for the duration of six days, five nights with unlimited use on mileage only.

31.7 The First Place Prize will be valid for 12 months from the date of initial contact with Quintessentially Travel Limited. The dates to take up the First Place Prize are subject to availability and the Promoters will always endeavour to secure any preferred dates. The First Place Winner will need to communicate with the Promoters to select the adventure week dates

32. There are only 10 prizes available for the second place winners (each a “Second Place Winner”). The second place prizes include use of a vehicle (exact vehicle to be confirmed with each Second Place Winner) for a weekend (the “Second Place Prizes”). Each Second Place Winner will win a Second Place Prize.

32.1 The provided vehicle will be booked and managed by THE OUT.

32.2 The vehicle will be delivered to and picked up from each Second Place Winner’s address. For further details on use of the vehicle, please see clause 35 to 37 below.

32.3 Each Second Place Winner will be able to choose from either a Land Rover Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque or Land Rover Defender only. The selection of these vehicles are subject to availability and insurance requirements being met.

32.4 Each Second Place Winner is able to use the vehicle subject to seating capacity.

32.5 Each Second Place Winner will be provided with a pre-paid card in the sum of £100 for the sole purpose of refuelling or recharging the car.

32.6 Each Second Place Winner will not own the vehicle or have any rights over ownership of the vehicle.

32.7 Each Second Place Prize will be valid for 12 months from the date of announcement on 21 June 2021.

33. There are 50 third place prizes (each a “Third Place Winner”). Each Third Place Winner will win a Third Place Prize.

33.1 Each Third Place Winner will be provided with one Land Rover experience half day voucher (the “Third Place Prize”). Each Third Place Winner will be able to select which Land Rover experience location they wish to visit, however these will be subject to availability.

33.2 Each Third Place Winner is able to take up to one guest to the half day Land Rover experience. The half day Land Rover experience will be booked and managed by the Promoters.

33.3 If the nominated guest is a child, they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (this being the Third Place Winner and therefore the Third place Winner will need to be 25 or over to comply with insurance requirements). The Third Place Winner agrees to being responsible for the guest child during the Land Rover Experience. One child will be classed as one guest.

33.4 Throughout the half day Land Rover experience, all children must be seated in the vehicle in an appropriate child car seat/booster seat for their age, height and weight as required by law, the provision and fitting of which shall be the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

33.5 Each Third Place Winner will be required to make their own journey to the location that the Third Place Prize takes place, the Promoters will not provide expenses for these costs.

33.6 The Third Place Prize will be valid for 12 months from the date of announcement on 21 June 2021.

33.7 The Third Place Winners will be able to pick the date of the Third Place Prize and also the location, subject to availability.

34. The First Place Prize, Second Place Prizes and Third Place Prizes are together known as the “Prizes”.

35. In each instance where a Prize includes the use of a vehicle, each Winner and their nominated guest (where applicable) will:

35.1 Only use the vehicle on paved roads, in accordance with the Highway Code and will only operate the vehicle in a legal and safe manner;

35.2 Ensure that the Winner and/or the nominated guest do not smoke in the vehicle;

35.3 Ensure that no pets of any kind are in the vehicle;

35.4 Be liable for, and promptly pay, any parking fines, speeding offences, toll charges and/or another other fines or charges incurred by the Winner and/or nominated guest when taking up the Prize. The Promoters shall not be liable for any fines or charges incurred by the Winner and/or nominated guest;

35.5 Not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance which may impair their ability to drive the vehicle or cause it to be operated illegally; and

35.6 Ensure that the vehicle is used in accordance with COVID 19 national and local regulations.

36. The exact vehicle to be provided will be subject to availability. Proof of age and driving licence details will be required from the Winner and/or nominated guest, whoever is to drive the vehicle. The driver must have at least 3 (three) years’ uninterrupted driving experience on a full UK driving licence without serious accident or conviction in the last 2 (two) years, with no more than 6 (six) penalty points in the last six (6) years. Full UK driving licence details will be required from any drivers under the age of 28 (twenty-eight). They must be between the ages of 25 and 70 during the rental period and not to have been involved in more than one, at fault accident or a theft exceeding £2,500 within the last 3 (three) years. The driver must also not have any unspent motoring convictions.

37. Any drivers must be aged between 25 and 70 years old to drive the vehicle.

38. The Winners will be announced in landrover.co.uk/outspirationhunt on 21 June 2021.

39. The Winners will be contacted through their email addresses provided with their Prize Draw entry within 5 working days from 14th June 2021 and asked to confirm their name and postal address and date of birth and that they accept the Prizes within 48 hours of the email being sent to the entrant.

40. Emails will be sent to the email accounts associated with the entrant’s Facebook, Google or Spotify account, whichever account the entrant used to log onto outspirationhunt.com.

41. Participants may only win one Prize throughout the duration of the Prize Draw.

42. There are no cash or credit alternative Prizes and the prize is non-transferable and non-negotiable. The Prize may not be claimed by a third party on your behalf.

43. If the Promoters subsequently discover the Winner is ineligible, has breached these Terms and Conditions, or foul play or unethical conduct is suspected under these Terms and Conditions then the Promoters reserves the right to not award the Prize and the runner up will be promoted to that prize. (i.e. if the First Place Winner becomes ineligible the first winner in the Second Place Winner becomes the First Place Winner). In the event the runner up has taken up their Prize, a new Winner will be selected at random using a random number generator and that result will be final.

44. If the Prize offered is unavailable, cancelled or suspended due to circumstances beyond the control of the Promoters, Quintessentially Travel Limited, THE OUT and Land Rover Experience. The Promoters, Quintessentially Travel Limited, THE OUT and Land Rover Experience will not be liable to offer an alternative and will not owe any further liability to any Winner. None of the Winners will be entitled to any monetary equivalent or compensation for costs or expenses incurred or suffered in connection with taking up the Prize.

45. Winners accept that their Prize could be cancelled or suspended for any reason whatsoever beyond the control of the Promoters and in that case the Promoters shall not be liable

46. In the event that any Winner is unable to take up their Prize for any reason they must notify Promoters, immediately. In this circumstance, the Promoters reserves the right to offer the Prize to another entrant. The Promoters do not accept any responsibility if you are not able to take up the prize.

47. You acknowledge and agree that the Promoters, Quintessentially Travel Limited, THE OUT and Land Rover Experience will not be responsible for your costs and/or expenses (including travel expenses) of taking up any of the Prizes, unless specifically stated otherwise.

48. In all circumstances, the Promoters’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


50. Neither the Promoters nor their affiliates, agents, officers or employees will be liable (to the extent permitted by law) for any loss or damage arising out of organising or holding this Prize Draw or as a result of an entrant's participation in it, participation in any of the activities or as a result of the Winners winning, participating in, collecting or enjoying the Prizes and/or the Prize Draw, or if the Prize Draw does not run as planned. This paragraph does not seek to exclude the liability of any party listed in this paragraph for (a) death or personal injury caused by their negligence, (b) fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, and/or (c) any other matter for which it would be unlawful for them to exclude or attempt to exclude their liability. Your statutory rights are not affected.

51. The Promoters may change these Terms and Conditions or cancel the Prize Draw at their absolute discretion and without incurring liability as a result unless the Prizes have been awarded.


53. By entering this Prize Draw, you understand that the Promoters (and its agents, contractors and group members on its behalf) may process, store, distribute and/or use the information (including personal data) you provide in your Prize Draw entry and in the process of entering:

53.1 To enable them to administer your entry in the Prize Draw, including deciding whether it accords with these Terms and Conditions;

53.2 To notify you if you are a Winner. If you are the Winners you agree that the Promoters may announce or make available on request your name and county/town and winning entry unless you object to the Promoters doing so or request that the amount of personal information announced or made available is reduced by the Promoters, in accordance with Clause 38; and

53.3 To share with organisations assisting with the conduct of the Prize Draw and fulfilment of the Prize.

54. Entrants’ name and contact information used for the purpose of this Prize Draw shall be retained for a period of 2 months from the Closing Date.

55. Should any of the Winners object to their name and county/town of residence and/or winning entry being announced or made available upon request by the Promoters, they should contact outspirationhunt@jaguarlandrover.com. The Promoters will not announce or make available the personal information of any Winners who have objected. The Promoter may, however, need to provide such data for any lawful or regulatory purposes to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for the purposes of establishing compliance that the promotion complies with relevant advertising and consumers laws’ requirements.

56. Data will be handled in accordance with (i) any data protection legislation from time to time in force in the UK including the Data Protection Act 2018 or any successor legislation; and (ii) for so long as and to the extent that the law of the EU has legal effect in the UK, the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679), and any other directly applicable EU regulation relating to privacy.

57. For more information on how data is handled by JLR, please view JLR’s Privacy Policy.

58. To find out the name and country of the Winner(s) please send your request to outspirationhunt@jaguarlandrover.com

59. If you have any other questions about the Prize Draw, please send your question by e-mail to outspirationhunt@jaguarlandrover.com before the Prize Draw ends.

60. If you have any questions about how your contact information is being handled, please contact DPOffice@jaguarlandrover.com


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