• Sixty years after Magnum Photos co-founder George Rodger first drove a Land Rover 8,000 miles through the Sahara desert, the two iconic brands have partnered again to create another series of stunning landscape photographic works.

      Acclaimed Magnum photographer Michael Christopher Brown, whose work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine and National Geographic, was commissioned to deliver the second installment of Land Rover’s ‘Ultimate Vistas’ series, which seeks to capture the ultimate landscape shot.

      Seeing the wood for the trees
      Composure and capability at any altitude

      In his pursuit of the perfect picture, Michael took advantage of the refined luxury and unparalleled capability of a production Range Rover 5.0 litre V8 Supercharged with 510 HP to reach unique vantage points in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Pacific Northwest region on the United States.

      Starting in Portland, Oregon and heading north into Washington State, the avid traveller and his crew drove through snow at the peak of active volcanoes such as Mount St Helens, crossed sand dunes to reach coastal vantage points and climbed rocky hillsides to gain privileged access to incredible vistas.

      Reflecting on his trip, Michael said: “I’m often driving off-road to go mountain biking, snowboarding or hiking, and having a vehicle that can handle confidently a variety of road and off-road conditions is key. I always have a plan for a shoot but it’s important to remain open to other possibilities and the Range Rover allowed us to do that. Often the best pictures happen on the way and way back from a shoot. And while on the shoot, sometimes if I just stop what I’m doing and look around there are often unexpected, serendipitous surprises!”

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