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    • Posted: 18/09/17

      From city to serenity in under an hour.

      Once the office clock hits 5pm, a Microadventure begins. Leave the hustle and bustle and head out to a calm and quiet forest just outside of the city. This family shows how easy it is to have a fun and exciting Microadventure in the wilderness.

      The inspiration and setting for a Microadventure is never far away. Whether you’re with friends, or in this case family, the possibilities are endless. A walk through the countryside could lead to dinner round a campfire, or a day mountain biking lead to watching the sunset with friends.

      Before setting off on their wilderness retreat, our family configure their seating with the vehicle’s Intelligent Seat Fold, making it easy to fill up their Discovery with camping essentials.

      With the bright city lights now well into the distance and the edge of the forest in sight, the path to their camp begins with a muddy track. The latest Discovery may be more luxurious than previous generations, but it’s still at home off-road. Using the Terrain Response 2 off-road system, the family navigate the winding path deeper into the forest. It doesn’t take long to find the perfect spot for the night.

      Finding the perfect spot to build a family den.
      Adding the final few branches to their den.

      The key to any good Microadventure is making the most of your surroundings, and the first task is to set up camp for the night. With this in mind the whole family go searching for logs, branches and leaves. They’re planning to build a den to sleep in overnight, rather than using a tent. That’s the beauty of a Microadventure - you don’t need to have all the equipment, you simply make the most of what you have, as well as your surroundings.

      Being away from the city lights has another advantage – a clear and starry sky. With night having now fallen, it’s the perfect opportunity to star gaze during a short walk around the forest in search of fire wood, before settling down for the evening. All good camping trips involve a campfire of some sort, with the chance to roast marshmallows round the fire, share memories and stories with your family and friends as well as telling the odd ghost story. Although as the kids soon realise, holding the marshmallows over the fire for too long isn’t the best idea…

      Morning arrives and the smell of bacon and eggs wafts through the camp. With only a couple of hours left of their Microadventure, mum and dad take charge of cooking.

      But, before heading back to the city, there’s one last activity on their list – a morning swim. With the water covered by a beautiful mist and having found a safe and suitable spot, the whole family take the plunge into the refreshing lake. After the swim, Discovery’s tailgate handily doubles as a temporary drying and changing station as they get ready to head home.

      Starting the day with a 6am swim in the lake.
      Drying off on Discovery's tailgate.

      With 9am approaching and the working day about to begin all over again, it’s time to swap the quiet of the forest for the sounds of the city. Whether it’s with family or friends and even if time isn’t on your side – a Microadventure is only ever a short journey away.

      If you’re seeking inspiration for your next, or even first, Microadventure head over to our Microadventure Hub for some ideas and challenges. Make sure you use #Microadventure on social media to show us the challenges you’ve taken us up on.

      Remember, always Microadventure responsibly.


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