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    • Published: 11/09/19 

      Since announcing the return of Defender – our toughest 4x4 to date – the excitement and anticipation from customers has been phenomenal.

      The new model represents 70 years of innovation; honouring the vehicle’s heritage while enabling even more adventurous endeavours.

      Read below as we provide a walk-through on everything you need to know about Defender for the 21st century, the most capable and durable Land Rover we’ve ever made.

      Body styles

      At launch we’re delighted to offer a Defender 110, a five-door body style which includes the very recognisable side-hinge tail door, a signature feature of the Defender, with a spare wheel mounted on the back.

      At a later date, a Defender 90 body style with a shorter wheelbase will go on sale. Defender 90 is a three-door model and features the iconic silhouette of the past, incorporating Alpine roof lights and a chamfered roof line.

      Unique to Defender, customers will have the opportunity to configure their vehicle with five, six or seven seats. A cabin walk through is built in as standard on the 90 and 110, for complete flexibility in allowing you to access the second row with ease. Alternatively, the centre console with armrest is available with an integrated fridge, perfect for keeping food and drink cool during summer road trips.

      Left: Defender 90 three-door body style. Right: Defender 110 five-door body style.

      If more seats are what you’re after, a six-seat combination is available with a collapsible Jump Seat in the middle of the front row. This doubles up as an armrest when folded flat and is fitted with two USB slots for passengers sat in the second row.

      On the 110, you’ll get the option to specify 5+2 seats, which integrates two foldable seats in the loadspace for easy configuration.

      Engineered for extreme conditions

      Land Rover Defender has been engineered and tested to a higher level of durability sign off than we’ve ever achieved before.

      Shortened overhangs provide best-in-class off-road geometry, meaning Defender out performs its competitors through approach, departure, breakover angles and wading depth.

      Defender achieves a class leading 38-degree approach angle and 40-degree departure angle. To put it simply, the approach and departure angle dictate the obstacles you can drive over without hitting the bumper when ascending or descending. The 110 will be able to climb steep obstacles easily with a 28-degree breakover angle, while the 90 can achieve 31 degrees when fitted with Air Suspension1.

      Air suspension1 raises Defender 145mm higher off the ground than the standard ride height for extreme off-roading. This additional height gives Defender a max ground clearance of 291mm and a wading capability2 of up to 900mm in depth and to keep customers going in the most extreme environments, Defender’s heat exchanger and radiators have been shifted upwards and inboard to reduce risk of damage from mud banks and sand dunes.

      Defender can tow 3.5 tonnes, and when static, the roof can support 300kg – ideal for a night out camping under the stars with the one-click Rooftop Tent Accessory. Defender’s payload is up to 900kg3 compared to 630kg offered by Discovery – that’s 270kg over and above our most capable SUV, giving you more flexibility to carry heavy loads.

    • Pulling power is also available with the optional Remote Control Electric Winch4. The front mounted winch is bolted directly to the chassis for maximum line pull capability and the 40m synthetic rope has a maximum pulling force of 4.5 tonnes or 4,536kg. The winch can be operated up to 45 metres away delivering the ultimate convenience and control off-road.

      Even the wheels are designed for extreme durability as all Defenders will be fitted with 815mm overall diameter tyres, the 18” steel wheel having the largest tyre wall depth of any Land Rover. The larger tyre wall will absorb more shock when you’re travelling through rough terrain making ride comfort better than ever before. With greater tyre size comes increased contact with the ground for optimum traction, and a deeper sidewall depth makes the vehicle less prone to punctures and able to withstand more damage. All-Season tyres will come as standard but you can upgrade to Off-Road tyres for even more extreme capability.

      Interior Configuration

      Defender’s interior represents the spirit of adventure, combining functional and flexible design with everyday usability.

      An industry first, the front dashboard is underpinned by an exposed cross-car beam made from a powder-coated magnesium alloy. This also doubles up as a shelf to provide 6.9-litres of open storage and around the cabin you’ll find exposed rivets and fixings bolted back to the structure of the car in keeping with tougher hard-working cabin surfaces.

      The cabin is lined with Durable Rubber Flooring, designed to be flush with the door sills so you can easily brush out sand, snow or mud after your adventures.

      Defender interior with five-seat configuration and optional centre console.
      Bottom Left
      Defender’s iconic Alpine roof lights.
      Bottom Right
      Durable rubber flooring lines the interior.

      The toughness of the design continues with the seat materials. The S, SE and First Edition variants come specified with a ‘Robust Woven Textile’ canvas trim which sits as a ribbon on the cushion of the grained leather seats. The textile is placed in the highest wear areas to protect the seat covers and is inspired by the fabric and canvas roofs found on Series I, II and III.

      Rear passengers will be able to manage their own entertainment by fixing their tablets to the Click & Go base unit integrated into the rear of the front row seats5. Each seat back incorporates an additional USB charge port when Click and Go is fitted. And if you opt for 110’s 5+2 seating, the passengers in the third row aren’t forgotten with two 5V USB charging units also fitted.

      In the front, charging cables can be left at home as the front console offers Wireless Device Charging for compatible devices as an available option.

      Capable by nature6

      Combined with the best off-road credentials, Defender is equipped with industry and class-leading technology to help you go even further even in the most extreme conditions.

      Defender sees the introduction of industry-first Configurable Terrain Response™ which allows advanced off-roaders to manually select steering, differentials, traction control and powertrain settings.

      ClearSight Ground View7 technology is a feature that’ll come in equally as handy. At speeds of up to 18mph, this feature displays a 180-degree view of the road beneath the front of the vehicle on the central Touchscreen, effectively rendering the bonnet invisible. You’ll quickly be able to gauge the contours of the terrain underneath you – this is particularly handy when cresting steep hills – allowing perfect positioning of the front wheels.

    • Defender is also the first Land Rover to be fitted with the all new Pivi Pro infotainment system, our most intuitive and advanced yet. You’ll no longer need to supply your own SIM card, instead data is managed by embedded SIM cards giving you access to connected navigation and music streaming services. The Online pack with Data plan8 comes as standard and will give you unlimited data for music streaming for the first year of ownership. What’s more you can stream music direct from the infotainment system with no requirement for a smart phone to do so. Or to keep the whole family entertained you can opt for 4G WiFi hotspot with the 20GB per month data plan9 for connectivity for up to eight compatible devices.

      The new touchscreen will also make towing even easier. With the Advanced Tow Assist feature you’ll get a projection on the screen showing both the current and desired trailer trajectory. New for Defender, this projection comes as a 3D visualisation on the screen and the feature will even take care of the counter-steering for even greater accuracy. This combined with the 3,500kg (3.5 tonne) towing capacity will ensure that towing heavy loads with Defender is a breeze.

      Exterior design

      The distinctive character of Defender is undeniable here, thanks to the square silhouette, chamfered roof line and steep windscreen. Engineers worked hard to retain the rear-mounted spare wheel and side-opening tailgate, while offering all the additional capability required for even more ambitious adventures.

      Defender retains the Alpine lights in the roof, which provide top visibility if you’re scaling switchback roads at a height and the distinctive circular headlights and vertically stacked tail lights which are synonymous with Defender. Further hallmarks of its unique DNA have been introduced, with the new floating Signature Graphic over the rear wheel arch, connecting the roof to the body which is standard on all 110 variants and optional on 90 variants. Meanwhile the Defender script across the front will complement the exterior colour chosen, and the familiar green Land Rover oval will sit on the right-hand side of the front grille.

      The iconic Defender script.
      Bottom Left
      New Defender retains the signature circular headlights from previous generations.
      Bottom Right
      The optional Off-Road tyres deliver the confidence to go further than ever before.

      In keeping with your exterior colour choice, you’ll get a choice of five roof options at launch including a black or white contrast roof.

      You can opt for a Sliding Panoramic Roof on 110 body style variants and, for greater privacy it is fitted with an electric blind as standard. But perhaps most exciting of all is the Folding fabric roof which comes as standard on the Defender 90 HSE spec. Chief Exterior Designer Andy Wheel said the team have gone the extra mile to offer this canvas roof option, a spiritual reinvention of one of Defenders trademark features. The Folding fabric roof is electric, and when open, brings you closer to the natural elements. When closed, it will be completely opaque providing privacy and protection from the sunlight.


      Defender sees the introduction of three new exterior paint colour options, Tasman Blue, Gondwana Stone and Pangea Green. The latter of which is an evolution of Huey green, made famous as the exterior colour on the 1948 pre-production Series I and so-called because of its HUE 166 number plate.

      These colours are joined by the options of metallic Santorini Black, Indus Silver and Eiger Grey or the solid paint Fuji White which comes as standard.

      Defender’s durability is enhanced with the introduction of the Satin Protective Film. Available on Indus Silver, Pangea Green and Gondwana Stone, this optional feature acts as a shield to protect the vehicle’s paintwork from scratches, stone chips, and UV rays. It is the same technology used on aircraft livery and the film is removable and 100% recyclable. The manufacture of this film is semi-automated but it is hand applied in each instance.

      Optional features and their availability may differ by vehicle specification (model and powertrain), or require the installation of other features in order to be fitted. Please contact your local Retailer for more details, or configure your vehicle online.

      1 Air Suspension comes fitted as standard on Defender 110, and Defender 90 X and First Edition models.

      2 Always check route and exit before wading.

      3 Engine dependent.

      4 Remote Control Electric Winch and Winch Mounting Kit available early 2020.

      5 Accessory tablet holders must be purchased separately.

      6 In-car features should be used by drivers only when safe to do so. Drivers must ensure they are in full control of the vehicle at all times.

      7 ClearSight Ground View dependent on 3D Surround Camera. Image is not live. Check surroundings for safety. Subject to local regulations.

      8 Subscription product. Online Pack active for 1 year from point of Registration and can be renewed at the end of the subscription period.

      9 After 20GB of data is used within a month, data speeds and functionality on vehicle may reduce for the rest of the month. Subscription product. WiFi hotspot active for 1 year from point of Registration.


      Greatness comes in all shapes, sizes and body styles. Pick your ideal Defender from 90 and 110 to the first edition variants and all trim levels.


      Defender represents 70 years of innovation and improvement; honouring the vehicle’s history while thoroughly remaining a Defender for the 21st century. Create your own with our online configurator.


      Four packs. Unlimited possibilities. Discover the ultimate levels of personalisation with our Defender Accessory Packs, Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban. Answer three quick questions and our guide will suggest the right pack for you.


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