Why is Land Rover ceasing production of the Defender?

The time is right for the Defender to evolve. Any conventional vehicle would have been replaced many times over in the lifespan of Defender, and its longevity is a reflection of its appeal as a global motoring icon. The Defender remains a key part of Land Rover’s future, and we will be using our pioneering engineering capability, design expertise and new technology to ensure the longevity of Defender.

When will production of the existing Defender come to an end?

The existing Defender is entering its final phase of production at Solihull. The final date of production will be confirmed this year.

When will the new Defender go on sale?

It is too early to talk about the next generation Defender, but the model will be a key part of our future. Defender will always be Land Rover's icon and we have stated our intention to continue the Defender lineage with an all-new model. 

What is the cut-off date for selling the current Defender?

The current Defender built at our Solihull manufacturing plant will be available until the end of August 2016.

Why can’t the current Defender be re-engineered to meet new automotive standards?

Automotive technology and broader legislation regarding vehicle standards have changed dramatically over the years and Defender has changed very little during its lifetime. We have to meet these standards in order to continue to sell this iconic vehicle and ensure its longevity. Therefore we are working to create a new Defender. 

Why can’t the new Ingenium engine be engineered into Defender?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. To fit a new engine into Defender would require an extensive redesign, in terms of engineering and packaging. 

Land Rover revealed ‘DC100’ at Frankfurt in 2011, is this representative of new Defender?

DC100 was a concept study which provided us with a wealth of feedback to review when considering the new design. We can’t say anything further at this time.

Can I still get spare parts for Defender?

Land Rover has committed to supply spare parts for a further 15 years once production ends at the Solihull manufacturing facility. Following this, owners will be able to order replacement Defender parts through Land Rover Heritage, which was launched in 2015.

Land Rover Heritage Parts currently carries a limited number of parts for Series I, II and III. Land Rover will continue to reintroduce the number of available factory sourced parts for its Heritage models – all made using original tooling methods.

Will Land Rover be releasing any new derivatives before current Defender ends?

We launched the Defender Celebration Series earlier this year; three exciting new limited edition models – Heritage, Adventure and Autobiography. Each model celebrates a different element of the Defender’s unique history and they are available to order now in limited numbers.

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