No matter how unique your business need, you can rely on the tough versatility of a Land Rover. We equip everyone from the emergency services to chauffeur driven fleets at home and abroad.

Our expert Specialist Sales consultants can equip your Land Rover to your exact requirements, however bespoke.

Do you need specialist support? We can tackle it.
Contact us on: jlrdir@jaguarlandrover.com and let us know a few details. Or call our Business Centre on 0845 601 5387.



As an approved provider on the Pan Government Framework RM859, we’ve worked closely with Fire, Police and Paramedic fleets for many years. Having done so, we know exactly what we’re looking for and can handle any challenges you give us.

What does the Pan Government Framework RM859 mean for you?

The Agreement gives value for money for central government departments, and other public services. It means you get finance and supply terms that are second to none.

For more information, contact us on jlrdir@jaguarlandrover.com and let us know a few details.

Or call our Business Centre on 0845 601 5387 and they’ll put you in touch with exactly the right person.




It’s not only British consuls that rely on Land Rover. Around the world, many other nations have chosen our vehicles to support their diplomatic & embassy missions.

That’s partly down to our go anywhere capability. And the fact that our vehicles can move effortlessly from embassy events to out in the hills. But it’s also down to the exceptional service and knowledge of our specialist teams. As you’d expect, a dedicated Diplomatic & Embassy sales team can help you with everything from choosing your vehicle to delivery.



If you’re a serving diplomat or representing your home nation overseas, you’ll enjoy special pricing.
What’s more, your Land Rover will be built to the country specification for your current posting or your next.


Q. Who qualifies for diplomatic pricing?

A. Serving diplomats, or members of international organisations who represent their home nation abroad.
This includes:
- Diplomatic missions who are buying a vehicle for official use.
- UK diplomats embarking on an overseas posting or currently serving overseas.
- Visiting foreign diplomats and foreign military personnel based in the UK.

You can confirm your status as an envoy of your country using:
- A diplomatic passport from your home nation’s Foreign Ministry, showing an accreditation from your host country.
- An official passport from the UN or associated organisations.
- If appropriate, any special identity document issued by your home nation’s Foreign Ministry or your host country.

Q. How will I know which specification my vehicle needs to be built to?

A. Your sales specialist will guide you every step of the way.

Q. What qualifies as an official car?

A. This is a Land Rover (or other vehicle) that is registered to the diplomatic mission rather than an individual.

Q. Will my Land Rover be tax-free?

A. Your sales specialist can give you advice, but it’s worth remembering that your tax status is ultimately connected to your work and your visa rather than our diplomatic programme. Your protocol department in your mission or organisation should be able to tell you.

To find out more, or place an order, contact our UK Sales Agent:

Land Rover Tourist and Diplomatic Sales
14 Berkely Street
Tel 0207 514 0425
Fax 0207 629 9005
Email: sales@landrover-diplomaticsales.co.uk




Tough, capable and committed to being the best… you and Land Rover have plenty in common. And if you’re a full-time, serving member of Her Majesty’s Forces, you’re entitled to preferential prices on any new Land Rover. That’s whether you’re stationed in the UK or overseas. We can also list a specification that’s right for the country you’re currently posted in – or your next destination.

Our team is here to help

We have an experienced team ready to help you every step of the way – from choosing the right vehicle, finance, delivery and beyond. To find out more, please contact one of our UK Sales Agents:

Marshall Military Sales
Land Rover House
Mallory Road
Tel: 01733 213231
Fax:  01733 340607
Email: salesmanager@landrovermilitarysales.co.uk

Westover Military Sales Salisbury
Old Sarum Park
Tel:  01722 414400
Email: aaronlong@westovergroup.co.uk
Website: www.westover.salisbury.landrover.co.uk

For Sales Agents outside of the UK, please call our Business Centre on 0845 306 4105 and they’ll put you in touch with exactly the right person.


Q. I am permanently based in the UK – can I still get preferential pricing?

A. Yes, our special prices apply to all serving members of HM Forces, but you’ll still need to pay VAT.

Q. I am currently serving overseas, so will my Land Rover be tax-free?

A. Your Land Rover will be exported from the UK, so you may well be able to enjoy it tax-free, as long as you meet HM Customs and Excise regulations. Your sales specialist can guide you through the paperwork.

Q. I am about to be posted overseas from the UK – can I get my Land Rover tax-free?

A. If the vehicle is to be supplied for use in the UK temporarily and then exported, it’s possibly free from tax. It's subject to HM Customs and Excise regulations and your sales specialist can talk you through your options.

Q. Can I buy my Land Rover through my local UK retailer?

A. The vehicle will be supplied directly from Land Rover through our dedicated UK Military Sales network. Whilst any retailer can be involved in the process, the actual order and paperwork will be handled by Land Rover Military UK Sales.

Q. Can I order non-UK Specification vehicles?

A. Yes, you can. Most servicemen and women choose UK specification vehicles and bring them back to the UK when their posting ends. But we can supply and export Land Rover vehicles built specifically for permanent overseas use should you choose.

Q. Do you offer part-exchange?

A. Yes. Whilst Land Rover won’t directly purchase your used vehicle, our sales specialists can arrange for it to be valued and a buyer found so you can part-exchange.

Q. How long does delivery take?

A. At the moment, it usually takes between 12 and 14 weeks from the time you confirm the order and give us the deposit. This can vary depending on which vehicles are most in demand and also your specific circumstances and requirements. One thing we can promise – it’ll be well worth the wait.




Are you a British resident who’s planning to emigrate? Maybe you’re an overseas visitor looking to buy a Land Rover while you’re in the UK? Then you’ll be pleased to hear your brand new Land Rover will be tax-free.

We can help and guide you.

Our professional team can help you with everything. But firstly, you’ll need to let them know the ultimate destination country for your new Land Rover so they can make sure you get the right model and after sales support. We also recommend that you contact the relevant authorities in that country so you can understand any import regulations that you’ll need to meet.

Your sales specialist can point you in the right direction, but of course, legally you’ll need to make sure any taxes are paid in the destination country, along with UK VAT if that also applies.

To find out more call +44 (0)1733 213231 or contact one of Land Rover's dedicated sales specialists, or contact one of our UK Sales Agents:

Land Rover Tourist and Diplomatic Sales
14 Berkley Street Mayfair,
London W1J 8DX
Tel: 0207 514 0425
Fax: 0207 629 9005
Email: sales@landrover-diplomaticsales.co.uk



If extra protection is something you need, then drawing attention to yourself is definitely something you don’t. That’s why the Discovery Sentinel and Defender offer the style, comfort and performance of a regular Land Rover with a discreet, purpose built armouring system that’s virtually impossible to detect from outside the car.

You’re in safe hands

Land Rover’s specialist armoured vehicles give the highest level of protection and are fully tested and certified to internationally recognised standards – every one is certified by QinetiQ®, a globally recognised defence technology and security company.

If you’d like to hear more, contact us to talk about your needs today. Or call our Direct Sales Team on 0845 601 5387 or email: jldir@jaguarlandrover.com




In critical situations, reliable equipment saves lives. Which is why Emergency services all over the world repeatedly depend on Land Rover.

Our expertise meets yours.

In your line of work, anything less than the best isn’t good enough. We feel the same about our cars. So, whatever you need to make your job easer, we can build your Land Rovers to meet any requirement.

So, if that’s a must, our Specialist Sales consultants are here to help. 

Contact us on jlrdir@jaguarlandrover.com and let us know what you need. Or call our Business Centre on 0845 306 4105.


The power, performance and classic British styling of the Land Rover range means you’ll always make an excellent first impression.

Off-road, not off the road

You don’t have time for unexpected breakdowns. So if something does happen, you’ll get a like for like replacement while your Land Rover gets priority repairs. You’ll also be kept up to date on its progress and receive a valeting before you’re back on the road. Why? Because when your Land Rover looks good, your business looks good too.

To hear more, contact our Business Centre on 0845 306 4105.


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